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NEON GENESIS works evaluation

Published: Wednesday 28 September, 2016

  • The film is considered and "up" "Macross" par. And with the "Girl Revolution" "mobile warship" and known as the nineteen ninties three Otaku works. For the Fans who, it not only left untold puzzle to be solved, but also the achievements of a never seem to make up the myth of money-making.

  • "New Century Evangelion" is the beginning of a typical robot animation, the story focuses on describing the fighting scenes and dialogue characters. As the plot goes on, the story gradually becomes a psychoanalytic narrative of the inner world of the characters, especially in the final few words to this characteristic to the fullest. In the film, the revolutionary strong stream of consciousness, the use of a large number of religious and philosophical imagery, it set off in Japan called "social phenomenon" degree of great repercussions and impact, and become a milestone in the history of Japanese animation. Many cartoonists often see it as one of the greatest animations in Japanese history.

  • "Evangelion of the new century," has a more deeply rooted force in the dialectical and confused predicament, looking for light and hope, to explore the power of each person's own inner roots. This is also the classic works still attractive reasons. The confusion, struggle, struggle and effort of the human nature and the characters in the works, as well as the discussion about the existence, have played a positive and positive role in the hearts of most readers and even in the course of their lives. This beyond the impact of comics, it is worth looking forward to.