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In this saga the consequences of the death of Xavier are seen

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

In this saga the consequences of the death of Xavier are seen. With his death, there are no X Men who try to distend human-mutant relationships and there were no X-Men to stop Apocalypse, who has become the ruler of the world. In this strange alternate present, the human race has been massacred at the hands of the armies of the Infinite (artificially made and cloned soldiers) of Apocalypse. Also appear their Four Riders: Abyss, Mikhail Rasputin, Holocausto and Mr. Sinister. The only free part of the world that remains is Europe and to prevent it from falling into the hands of Apocalypse humans are planning a nuclear attack on America. The X-Men appear as a rebel force against Apocalypse and directed by Magneto. It appears the powerful mutant X Man (Nate Gray), which is basically a Cable that was never infected by a technoorganic virus and therefore reached its maximum potential as a super-powerful mutant Cosplay UK
. In the midst of the crisis and the lack of hope for a better world, Magneto finds Bishop, the only x-man immune to the temporal paradox as he comes from another alternate future. Magneto realizes everything that caused the death of Xavier through the memories of Bishop. Thus, he makes a plan to save Xavier in the past, so he orders Gambito to steal a splinter from the M'kraan Crystal, the nexus of realities, which is in the Shi'Ar empire. He also directs Colossus to rescue Illyana Rasputin who has the power to travel through time, and orders Nightcrawler to find the mutant visionary Destiny, who deciphers Bishop's memories.

In the final battle Magneto kills Apocalypse and X Man, in fighting against Holocaust, buries him a splinter of the crystal M'krann. Which causes them to disappear.

Bishop manages to vaunt the past and avoids Xavier's death by showing him the consequences of his actions to Legion. With this scene, the Age of Apocalypse is closed American Revolution Cosplay
. However, characters like the Dark Beast, X-Man, Sugar-Man and Holocaust, escape our reality.

Once the world has returned to normalcy, the x-man Bishop begins to remember the events that occurred during the temporal paradox. Only Xavier and Mr. Sinister know what has really happened, but both agree to remain silent about the situation. The X-Men receive in their ranks X-Force Cannon Ball. Sabretooth betrays the X-Men and almost kills Psylocke. Beast is supplanted by the Dark Beast, its evil counterpart of the Age of Apocalypse within the X-Men, and Avalon, Magneto's base, is destroyed by a disoriented Holocaust in a fierce combat against Exodus. Magneto manages to be saved being rescued by Colossus, but in a moment, its destiny is uncertain. A little later Joseph appears, a man physically identical to Magneto, but several years younger. Probably Joseph is Magneto, rejuvenated and amnesic after his fight with Xavier and the destruction of Avalon.

When Xavier wiped Magneto's mind, there was a moment when he lowered all his psychic defenses, which was enough for Magneto's wickedness to settle in Xavier's mind, creating a second Xavier personality that finally dominated his Body and its powers. After a meeting with X-Man, Professor Xavier begins to lose control and finally emerges the creature called Onslaught, which is the mixture of Xavier's frustrations with Magneto's grudge. He is the most powerful telepath in the world and has Magneto's powers at an increased level. In his first attack he defeats all the X-Men and in a later attack destroys a part of the city of New York. Onslaught kidnaps Franklin Richards (son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four) and X-Man to try to recreate the world of the Age of Apocalypse, but realizing what that world was, makes a judgment And decides that nothing will survive Onslaught, neither mutants nor humans Animation Style Cosplay
. Strange alliances are consolidated in order to stop it: Apocalypse and Cable, Joseph and Xavier, and all the Avengers and Fantastic Four. In the final battle finally Onslaught is defeated thanks to the unleashed power of Hulk that breaks his armor and the strategic genius of Dr. Doom. Unfortunately to be able to stop it is necessary the sacrifice of the Avengers and Fantastic Four, who apparently die leaving the X-Men as murderers in the eyes of the world and more hated and feared than ever. At the end of the saga, Xavier is sent to prison by the authorities, and Joseph is accepted into the group. In addition, Beast recovers its place in the equipment evidencing its impostor.