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which causes Jean Gray to recruit an interim X-Men team

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

Magneto threatens to unleash a World War, which causes Jean Gray to recruit an interim X-Men team (Dazzler, Northstar, Omerta, Wraith and Sunpyre) to combat their threat. Through the sewers of Genosha, these X-Men manage to infiltrate the palace of Magneto, who is defeated and severely wounded by Wolverine.

The X-Men end up being the only superheroic mutant force. Both X-Force and X-Generation end up being disbanded.

The Storm team is christened the "X-Treme X-Men," an international patrol looking for the diaries of the mutant Destiny. The original team will form Storm, Rogue, Bird of Thunder II, Sage, Bishop, Beast (only 3 chapters), Gambit and Psylocke Cosplay UK
. The team faces its first threat in Vargas, a killer of Spanish origin who also looks for the diaries of Destiny. The X-Men face Vargas, who severely injures Beast and kills Psylocke in cold blood. Sage manages to save the life of Beast using his powers to accelerate a second mutation. Beast recovers, but it obtains a new appearance, of a feline aspect, more animal.

Meanwhile, Archangel, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Havok and Polaris form a clash team outside the X-Mansion. On their first mission, this team recruits two more members: Generation-X Chamber, and a former mutant prostitute named Stacy X.

The Xavier Institute, for the first time in years, has a very important student body. The school's teaching team consists of Cyclops, Jean Gray, Wolverine, Beast and Professor X. A new threat arises in the figure of Cassandra Nova, an extraterrestrial psychic parasite of the "Mummudrai" race, which takes the form of A female version or "twin sister" of Professor-X. Cassandra hates the mutant race and despises the ideals of Xavier, who left her without a physical body many years ago, when I try to dominate him in the womb. Cassandra seizes a gigantic old sentinel abandoned in South America. After activating it, it sends it to Genosha, where the robot assassinates in cold blood to million of mutant souls that inhabited the country, including supposedly to Magneto Arthur Curry Cosplay
. The X-Men go to the ruins and find Emma Frost, alive and with a new second mutation in her body. The X-Men take her to Mansion X. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Wolverine find Cassandra Nova. The villain is left to be captured to be taken to Mansion X, where he attacks the X-Men. The creature is supposedly destroyed by Emma Frost, but without anyone perceiving it, it takes over the body of Professor X. Eventually, in Xavier's body, the creature leaves for the Shi'Ar Empire, not before revealing to the public that Xavier Is a mutant, leaving the X-Men with a heavy package before the public.

In the midst of the crisis brought about by the fact that the Xavier Institute is known to be a school for mutants, the X-Men of Mansion X face another threat Avengers Costumes
. A new group of villains known as the U-Men. U-Men are normal humans that gain powers after artificially grafting organs of mutants. The leader of the U-Men is an alien creature known as Sublime. The X-Men face Sublime and the U-Men dismantling their network of mutant organ trafficking around the world. In China, the X-Men know and rescue a mutant named Xorn, who had been a prisoner in a cell for decades. In the midst of this mission, Cyclops begins a secret love affair with Emma Frost.