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Naruto Story Part II

Published: Wednesday 12 April, 2017

  In this segment full of pivotal events unlike the first part, Naruto returns to his village after two and a half years of training by Mr. Jiraiya to meet his friends again and then cost Ms. Tsunadi, who became the Hokage to fight and Sakura their old teacher in the seventh team Hataki Kakashi to test their strength and here comes the results Amazingly, Naruto's strength has increased dramatically, as has Sakra, who spent two and a half years in Tsunade's training. Tsunade then decides to have a team from Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi go to support Konoha's Sand Village in her ordeal with the Akatsuki, Kidnapped Alcakizaga Gara. Then they get a member of the Akatsuki Sasori shortly before his killing by Sakura Naruto Costumes and grandmother Qiu Hakima village Raml on the information that Kabuto was a spy for Sasori on Orochimaru and that he is scheduled to meet on the bridge of Paradise and fire (Tnshkio) Naruto, Sakura and Sai go the new coming of the Anbu origin After that, they will meet with Ninja Konoha, especially Asuma, with Akatsuki Kakzo and Haidan. Asuma is killed by Hidan, Shikamaru kills him and Haidan kills Kakashi and Naruto on Kakzo. In addition to the Akatsuki who managed to catch this pogo by its members Didera and Toby and also hunt Itachi by the Konoha teams and in this part Sasuke kills his brother Itachi in retaliation for his clan. Then the part is addressed to the six Jenshuriki Otakata tails and the forbidden style of a girl called Hutaro. In this part, one of the legendary Sunan Jiraiya goes on a mission to infiltrate the hidden rain village to investigate the Akatsky leader's head, and he confronts Pine and Konan there and discovers that they were his disciples in the past and dumped After learning the method of hermit bent on retaliating to coach Jiraiya and be able to eliminate the personalities of the six and convince the Nkato who controlled those characters to revive Mato in Konoha. In this part, the great ninja villages Naruto Costumes show their readiness to stop the Akatsuki alone, especially after most of the pajo were in the possession of the Akatski except the kiobi and alhashibi, where they were confined on an isolated island to prevent the Akatsky from acquiring and sealing the brutality and then the fourth great ninja war broke out after a measure from Kabuto And this one is full of events revolving around revived people with the technology of rebirth, defeat and stamping by the allied ninja forces. Then a new section begins to show its details with the anime now that is the revival of the ten tails for the implementation of the Tsukeumi project Infinity or Moon Eye Plan to rhythm the entire ninja world into absolute Qingatsu and control it.