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Published: Wednesday 12 April, 2017

  Force (an anime part only): It tells of events before the outbreak of the Fourth Great War.The Great Ninja War The Ninth Great Ninja War broke out between the five superpowers on the one hand and Akatsuki on the other. It was led by Tobi, who claimed to be Madara Ochiha (the legendary ninja, the first Hokage friend and co-founder of Konoha).oby, who is actually Ochiho Obito, can revive a legendary monster called Naruto Costumes the Ten-Tails, the world's most famous monster, which was stamped in the past by the wise of the six roads (legendary ninja). In which Niji Hyuga will die in his attempt to defend Naruto against the geo-attack, as well as the revival of the first, second, third and fourth Hokage.

 Back to the seventh team: Sasuke returns to fight with his teammates in the seventh team Sakura and Naruto alongside the team Taka, founded by Sasuke to stop the Gebius along with the four revived Hokage.

  Naruto: Anime part only An additional version talking about the emergence of a robot resembling Naruto made by Orochimaru and seized by the Akatsuki and exploited to get the kyobi of Naruto.Joshuriki, the geobiographer, pulls the ten-tailed monster into the surface of the Janthuriki Gebihi and then breaks the four-hokage barrier and begins to attack and attack Sasuke and Naruto. All four attempts of Hokagei fail to do harm, but Naruto discovers in the hermit's stage that the method of fighting the nature He was hit by rasigan with the help of the second hokage Tupirama.

 The Holy Tree (Shinju): After attacking the Fourth Hokage and Naruto Obito, they are in the process of the Kiyobi and fail to hit him; Obito begins to execute the plan of the infinite Tsukiumi The sacred tree, which is the final body of the jubilee, starts to kill Chakra Shinobi and kill them and almost suck the whole Chakra Naruto, Then move away from the Holy Tree using the Hokage II's instantaneous transition Naruto Costumes technique.

 Naruto and Sasuke: Naruto and Sasuke combine their forces to defeat Obito in a hermit style. Naruto's Ubito plays the role of the hermit, while the Sasuke-style Sasuke-style Sasuke-style Sasuke-style Sasuke-style sword, Then the two teams unite and Sasuke cover the kyobi with Sussano and attack Obeito with the sword of the Susano Naruto Costumes and they can penetrate his defenses with the help of their colleagues in the academy and his legendary sword breaks and the Bejos begin to liberate him.

 Obeito's Memories: This part depicts Obeito's memories of his youth, his dream of becoming a Hokage, his teammate Raine, along with his memories of fellow Kakashi and coach Minato.

 Pirates of the Peugeot: Naruto and Sasuke and their colleagues from the ninja of the coalition forces succeed in liberating the Peugeot from Obito. Obito falls to the ground and Sasuke turns to finish him. Kakashi suddenly appears with the Konai to kill Obito but the Fourth Hokage Minato stops him. Naruto and Sasuke then go to help the first Hokage fight with Madara.