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Naruto Characters

Published: Wednesday 12 April, 2017

  What characterizes the characters in Anime and Manga Naruto is the diversity and complexity of her story and characters. The characters were invented by Manga writer Masashi Kishimoto, where she lives in a fictional world where there are states protected by ninja acting as a military base by training and discipline using supernatural powers controlling the chakra energy within the body . However, the writer was keen to stay away from the tradition of the normal form of ninja and known to all of clothes and others.The Naruto Costumes main theme of the series revolves around the naughty boy Naruto and his relationship with the seventh team, in addition to his constant confrontation of powerful enemies and criminal organizations. While Masashi was developing the series, he created the three main characters as the basis for the other teams and quoted them from other sequences as a reference for his other characters' design, which was criticized by several Manga publications and magazines.

Seventh Team

  The seventh team consists of Naruto Ozumaki, Saski Ochiha, Sakura Haruno and their coach Hataki Kakashi. In the first part, during the first mission they encountered Zabuza, one of the seven fogmen and his student Haco. The team moved to a test to upgrade to the rank of Chunin, and Sasuke fled to a village called Sound Village Naruto Costumes seeking power. The team meets in the second part again, but as enemies they face Sasuke the fugitive several times.

  Naruto Uzumaki: Twelve-year-old boy. He suffered all his life from loneliness because of the death of his parents when he was a child, and as the fox with nine tails sealed inside, whenever the villagers see him, they remember the monster who attacked their village twelve years ago. Naruto succeeds in graduating from the academy and is appointed in the seventh team with Sasuke (his arch enemy in the academy) and Sakura but he died and he protects Konoha after they got the sealed beast inside.Ochiya Sasuke: Naruto and Sakura Fellow at the Academy and in the seventh team. Sasuke descends from the prestigious Ochita clan, which has a distinctive Sheringan eye. On an ominous night, the whole Uchiha clan was Naruto Costumes annihilated by Sasuke's elder brother Itachi to measure his strength, but he kept his younger brother hoping to face him after he grew up. Sasuke Yahya to achieve two goals: killing his older brother Itachi and reviving his family.Haruno Sakura: A classmate of Naruto and Sasuke in the seventh team. Like all the girls in the academy, she is fascinated by Sasaki, and she was lucky to be with him in the same team.Hattaki Kakashi: Junin, the seventh team coach, is the son of the famous "white canine" Konoha. Kakashi was named Sharingan as Sasuke was raised by his teammate Rehn when he was young as a gift from his friend Obito - a Uchiha - who gave him shortly before his death because Kakashi had lost one of his eyes in an ancient battle in the Third Great War of ninja. Kanabe Bridge in the hidden village of Sakhr In this battle, the Sharingan eye was activated at Obito and the ninja, who lost Kakashi's eye, was killed.