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Naruto Shippuden is anime series and a sequel to the Naruto anim

Published: Wednesday 12 April, 2017

  The anime began on February 15, 2007 on the Japanese TV channel Tokyo, built on Naruto Manga, and started from Volume XXVIII. It contains the following parts of the story:Saving Kasikagi: The seventh team starts to perform the task of saving Gara Kasikagi V friend Naruto of the hand Akatsuki and specifically its members Didera and Sasori.

 Sasuke and Sai: He tells about my fellow Naruto team Sasuke (his old mate) and Sai (new associate of the original Anbu).The Twelve Protecting Ninja (Anime Part Only): It tells of the memories of Asuma Sarutobi as one of the protectors of the feudal lord of the fire state.Haidan and Kakzu: He tells of fighting several teams Naruto Costumes of Konoha for Akatsuki members of Haidan and Kakzu criminals and killing coach Asuma Sarutobi.Three-tails (anime part only): The three-tailed beast appeared, and several powers, such as Konoha, Orochimaru and Akatsuki, eventually managed to capture him by means of their organs Didera and Toby.The hunt for Sasuke is also told by the Konoha team consisting of Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Chino, and Hinata, and Kiba and his Akamaru dog led by Kakashi and Yamato to Itachi. In this part, Sasuke kills his brother Itachi in revenge for Uchiha.

 Tsuchigumu Kenjitsu (part of anime only): He tells of the host of the six-tailed Otakata tails and his story with a girl called Hotaru and the forbidden style she has.Jiraiya: Jiraiya was killed by Akatsky commander Payne on Jiraiya's mission to sneak into the Hidden Rain Village to gather information about Akatsky and his leader.Invasion: Tells about the invasion of the Akatsuki leader between him and Konan for Konoha Naruto Costumes and destroy it for its own sake and fight Naruto with Pine where defeated by Naruto using the style of the hermit and with the help of the mountain frog Miobuku.History of Konoha (part of anime only).

  Five Kaghi Summit: A meeting is held by the leader of the Hidden Cloud Village Raykagi to discuss the current situation in the ninja world and to stop the Akatsuki.

   Adventures in the sea (part of the anime only): It Naruto Costumes tells about the journey of Naruto and his companions from the ninja Konoha to the isolated island where the Jenshuriki was arrested and Yamato was kidnapped by Kabuto.

  GINCHORIKI DETENTION: After the summit and the declaration of war, Kaghi decides to lock Naruto and Keller B, my brother, on an island to prevent the enemy from capturing them.