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Naruto Story

Published: Wednesday 12 April, 2017

  Part One (Naruto)

The legendary fox with the nine tails (or, as it is called in Japanese by Kyubei) attacked the village of Konoha and killed many of its inhabitants and wreak havoc on its land. The Hokagei (the "shadow of fire" Minato Namikaze, "and used a technique to imprison the kyobi in the body of a new baby, Naruto Ozumaki, but in return Hokaghi sacrificed his life. He saw the people of the village in the fourth Alhokaga hero to sacrifice himself. The villagers did not want to socialize the child because he always reminds them that was the cause of Fox, in their grief and the destruction of their land someday. The current Hokage has issued a decree forbidding speaking of the Kiyobi attack to anyone else - including Naruto himself who does not know about the fox inside him. Twelve years later, the Naruto Costumes traitorous ninja tricks Naruto Mizuki to steal a secret scroll that will teach him secret technique, but his mentor, Iruka Omino, stops him. When Iroka was killed in order to protect Naruto from Mizuki, who revealed to Naruto the fact that he was a container for the kiwi, Naruto uses the jutsu - a ninja style - to learn from the fascia allowing him to create his own replica, Kaghi Ponshin No Gotsu to defeat Mizuki.

  Naruto is set with Sasuke Ochiha and Sakura Haruno in one team is the seventh team under the command of an elite commander named Kakashi Hataki. Like the rest of the village, the seventh team carries out the tasks required from the villagers, from housework (for new students) to guarding and fighting. The seventh team participates in the fight against Zabuza in the village of fog and then the test of promotion of the rank of Chunin and gaining experience in the fighting, and in the final stage of the Chunin exam during the fighting between Sasuke Otigha and Gara from the village of sand invasionNaruto Costumes the most demanding ninja in the list of Konoha Orochimaru and his assistant ~ Kabuto ~ and their allies sand from the village of 'Aoroaachimaro Alhokaga III kills revenge. This leads the legendary Jiraia to search for his former colleague Tsunade after she was nominated to become the fifth Hokage. During this journey he discovers that Orochimaru wants to take Sasuke's body for the Sharingan, Sasuke to gain enough power to avenge his brother Itachi Uchiha, who killed all his clan-Uchiha, go to Orochimaru, Naruto tries to bring him back but he fails but does not give up and keeps his promise to return Sasuke, and goes later to be trained by Jiraiya for two and a half.