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Emma Frost plans a plan to defeat Nova

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

In Professor X's body, Cassandra Nova manipulates Empress Lilandra of the Shi'Ar and her Imperial Guard sending her to Earth to destroy the mutant race. Beast reveals that Nova seized the body of Xavier in the middle of a press conference offered by Jean Gray to the media Batman Costumes
. Nova's goal is to reach the X-Men's mutant tracker, Brain, to psychically kill all the mutants in the world. With the help of some schoolchildren, such as Beak, Angel Salvadore and the Stepford Cuckoos, Emma Frost plans a plan to defeat Nova. In the middle of the battle Jean Gray begins to experience the power of the Phoenix Force again. In the end, Nova is defeated by being locked into an android of limited mental ability of Shi'Ar origin. Mutant Xorn is invited to join the X-Men. Xorn directs the Special Class, or the team of maladjusted students of the Institute.

Meanwhile, the X-Treme X-Men are called by Viper, the ruler of Madripoor to help him stop an alien invasion that is developing since the small nation. The person responsible for this invasion is the conqueror known as Khan. Khan falls in love with Storm and takes her inside his immense fortress to add it to his harem. From inside the fortress of Khan, Storm coordinates an attack against the invasion. Meanwhile, outside the fort, Gambito and Rogue face Vargas. Vargas wants to destroy Rogue, because according to the diaries of Destiny, she is destined to kill him Cosplay UK
. But at the last minute Rogue refuses to comply with the will of the newspapers and forgives the life of Vargas. From that moment, the newspapers no longer have value. Once the threat is defeated, Storm, Gambit and Rogue are badly wounded. Ave de Trueno II, Lifeguard and Slipstream leave the group. Rogue and Gambito lose their powers and also withdraw from the action, leaving Storm, Bishop and Sage alone. They end up becoming a kind of mutant detective called X-Treme Sanctions Executives (X-tremas Sanciones Ejecutivas, X.S.E.). Some former members of the X-Men, like Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers, return to the action in this period.

In parallel, Professor X coordinates the new X-Corporation (or X-Corps.), A kind of mutant embassies conformed by several ex-members of the Groups-X. The X-Corp of New York is directed by Banshee and integrated by Jubilo, Husk, M and the Multiple Man. The X-Corp of Paris is composed of Cannonball, Syrin and Darkstar. They help Professor X, Wolverine and Jean Gray to stop the threat posed by the new agent of the Arma-X project, Fantomex, which eventually ends up alliance with the X-Men Battle Royale Cosplay
. Another X-Corp is located in Mumbai, India, consisting of Solar Fire, Warpath, Feral and Thornn.

Archangel X-Men save the life of the unstoppable Juggernaut after his partner Black Tom Cassidy lost his mind. An obviously decadent Juggernaut is accepted within the X-Men.

At the Xavier Institute, young and deranged mutant telepath Kid Omega organizes a riot at the school that costs two students: Sophie (one of the Stepford Cuckoos) and Dummy. Resentful of her sister's death, the Stepford Cuckoo Esme reveals to Jean Gray the romance between her husband Cyclops and Emma Frost. Eventually Emma Frost is the victim of an attack by Esme. Ironically it is Jean Gray who saves Emma's life, recognizing that she and her husband Cyclops have really fallen in love.