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Naruto is the title of a Japanese manga series

Published: Monday 24 July, 2017

 Naruto (in Japanese: ル ト ト and Palomage: NARUTO) is the title of a Japanese manga series finished and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto. The story revolves around teenage ninja Naruto Uzumaki who found himself pariah by the inhabitants of his village because of Al-Kiyobi, who is inside him, so he set his sights on getting the title of Hokage, the title given to the village leader and the strongest ninja In order to receive respect and recognition of all.

  The manga was first released in Japan in 1999 by Shoueisha in the 43rd issue of its weekly Shunen Jump. It is derived mainly Naruto Costumes from Comic One Shot by Kishimoto, published in August 1997 in Akamaru Gump. So far 70 volumes of manga have been produced in Japan, and the seventy-first volume will be the last volume in the manga [1]. The Naruto series is one of the best selling in the world, with about 100 million copies sold in Japan.

  In North America, Viz Media licensed the manga and was published in English in the magazine Shunen Jump, as well as the episodes of anime, films and most episodes of the Ufa were broadcast. In the United States, the series appeared several times in the US Book List today, and the 11th volume won the 2006 Cowell Award. The chain's followers hailed the balance between fighting and comedy, and were impressed by the distinctive features of Naruto manga characters.

  Later, Tokyo TV and Beiro Studios turned the manga into anime and was first broadcast in Japan on Tokyo TV on October 3, 2002. The first part of the anime was released in Naruto's name and consists of 220 episodes. The second part came under the name Naruto Shippuden, February 15, 2007 The number of episodes of Naruto Costumes this section at the end of 500 episodes, in addition was the issuance of 9 films for the series Naruto and several episodes of Ufa. Other products related to this series have also been released, including short novels, video games and exchange cards.

  The center of the flower dubbing this anime to Arabic. Where the dubbing of the first 52 episodes of it in the first season and introduced on the channel Space Power and Spice Tun in 2009 in conjunction with the launch of the pilot and the channel was offered the third season until the 130th episode and stopped Naruto Costumes because of the crisis in Syria, which broke out in 2012, a civil war; One Piece and the sword of fire and all the serials that were exposed at the time, but he only dubbed Detective Conan only because of his great popularity of the world of anime in the Arab countries. The video service of Crunchy Roll with the license of anime naruto shippuden in many countries including the countries of the Arab world and the presentation of standard and high standards translated into English.