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The Fifth Generation of Pokemon

Published: Friday 21 October, 2016

  • The fifth generation works: black, white, black 2, white 2

  • In January 29, 2010, Wizard Po can dream Co., Ltd. announced a series of new games for the Nintendo DS game will be on sale. Masuda Shunyi in February 7, 2010 a set of "Wizard Po can dream Sunday" shows a new treasure can dream outline Pokemon Cosplay, said the summer of the same year will be released in the theatrical version of the debut, and in 2 The program was confirmed on 21 February. This new role is also shown as the beginning of the fifth generation in the March issue of the February 15, 2010 issue of Happiness and Happiness. Since then, this role has been named "Soroak", the evolution of the role was named "Zoroa." Both are in the "Wizard Po can dream: Phantom of the Bazhe Sorak" in appearance. April 9, 2010, Japan's official website announced a new work "Wizard Po can dream of black and white", scheduled for sale in the fall of 2010. March 9, 2010, "Wizard Po can dream Sunday" show the image of three beginners treasure can dream. Three treasure can be a dream after the decryption, respectively, grass snake Po can dream "rattan rattan snake", fire pig treasure dream "warm pig" and the wizard treasure dream "water otter". Other decrypted information includes the stage of the game, based on the New York City cluster United place. Unlike the rest of the main series, the name of the Union area has been spelled differently in all areas of the game, such as Einall in German and Unima in Italian. February 25, 2012, Masuda Shunichi in the "PokémonSmash" program announced the sequel to the main series of games "Wizard Po can dream black 2 white 2", after the game in June 23, 2012 in Japan for sale. The game is a black and white version of the sequel, the new elements, including the return of the role and a few new roles and locations, the legendary treasure can Remy new form is the game's cover treasure dream. [25-26]

  • This generation has introduced 156 new elves, Bokemon (from Baktini to Ganesox). The fourth generation of side game "spared from war! The wizard can be a dream big dispute, "the sequel Anime Costumes, the next game" super elves can dream of great strife "in August 11, 2011 sale in Japan.

  • In the December 17, 2011 Shueisha organized Jump Festa activities on the mixed side game "wizard treasure dream + Nobunaga's wild hope" release, scheduled for March 17, 2012 sale. The game uses the "Nobunaga's wild hope" in the fighting mechanism, the use of the treasure can be a dream, rather than the human as the participants in the war, turn-based play.

  • In the 2012 E3, the fifth generation of the wizard can dream incredible maze game "wizard treasure can dream incredible labyrinth door and unlimited maze" published in November 23, 2012 in Japan for sale.