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the company continued the experiments in an underground facility

Published: Tuesday 21 February, 2017

The game is set in Raccoon City, two months after the events of the original game. With S.T.A.R.S. unable to accuse the Umbrella, the company continued the experiments in an underground facility; However, a failed attempt at theft of the scientist William Birkin job data has the effect of spreading the T-virus in the city sewers and the contagion of Birkin himself by the new G-virus Cosplay UK
. The T-virus is spread by rats and most of the city population become zombies, leaving only a few survivors, including Leon S. Kennedy, rookie and only one left alive policeman Raccoon police department, and Claire, the younger sister of Chris Redfield , of which he is looking. Leon and Claire try to manage to escape alive from the city. Leon for his skills will be promoted and hired by a US government agency.

The title is set in the same period of the second. This chapter is told Jill Valentine escape from Raccoon City, which will end with the nuclear bombardment of the city Lucky Dog1 Cosplay
. The series Resident Evil Outbreak (which also includes Resident Evil Outbreak File 2) shows the attempts of survivors citizens to escape the city. .

This chapter takes place in 1998, in contrast to the previous games, tells of the sabotage operations of the Umbrella Corporation by a member of STARS. Set three months after Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, Code Veronica X reveals the existence of a rival corporation to Umbrella Corp. (which works Albert Wesker, the leader of the STARS Raccoon City), which in turn develops biological weapons. Meanwhile, Claire Redfield is looking for her brother, Chris, he reported missing.

The game you are settling in 2004 and began with the dissolution of the Umbrella Corporation. The game is focused on the mission of Leon S. Kennedy, now highly trained government agent, appointed by the US president to regain his daughter Ashley Graham, kidnapped by a terrorist group which, according to the secret services would bring the girl in Europe in a remote region from Spain. This terrorist group turns out to be a Spanish religious sect calling itself by the name of Los Illuminados and has awakened an ancient parasite called Las Plagas even discovered in the first half of 1800, and intends to use it to dominate the world turning people into violent killers with superhuman strength and endurance, and able to obey the strict orders, the Ganados. The Illuminados have kidnapped the daughter of the US president for two purposes: to obtain a ransom of 20 million dollars by the president to mobilize their army, and infect Ashley, the daughter of the president of the same, and then send her back to his country by making sure that both she who spread the parasite infection in the United States Matantei Loki Ragnarok Cosplay
. The mind behind this ground is an individual known as Lord Osmund Saddler, leader of the Illuminados sect that venerates him as a true god, as well as a healthy carrier of the Plaga leader who is able to control. Leon finds himself facing unclean monstrosities created with the parasites by the sect, and was also aware of the plan of Albert Wesker to seize the Plagas to turn them into B.O.W. Leon eventually be able to save Ashley, the daughter of the president and to eliminate Saddler himself, now mutated into a monster, thus foiling even the plans of conquest of the sect's world. However Ada Wong will manage to steal a sample of Plaga Leaders developed by researchers Saddler, presumably to deliver it to Wesker and allow the emergence of new pests and distributing them on the black market. However, Leon's mission is accomplished as will manage to bring the president's daughter at home safely. In addition, the Separate Ways mini-game we find that Ada Wong had actually betrayed Wesker and delivered the Plaga sample Leader to a rival organization, for which he worked from the start.