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SOUL EATER role experience

Published: Thursday 20 October, 2016

  • Comics 62, has become the new Death Scythe Soul Eater Cosplay. Take the tutorial. Comic 59 words, and Marjorie together with the hunting magic to defeat the witch Aolake Ni. Later, and Marga joined the elite martial arts forces: SPAROTI (formerly: dead martial art elite elite forces.) (Referred to as: dead Wu Xiao Gui) with his teammates to the book of Ai Bang rescue Kid. The latest comic 104, with the partner Margaret battle against the ancient Luo, and claimed to accompany her to the end.

  • TV animation 50 sets, because MAKA help Cosplay Costumes, SOUL in the world, SOUL eat the black blood of the devil and overcome the madness (comic version, but not). In the manga to solve the black blood events in Moscow, due to contact with the blood of the condensate body, making the body of the black blood runaway, play the Death Scythe unique ability to change, sickle keyboard, to note attack, calm down.