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Sabretooth obtains asylum inside the Mansion X

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

Later, Sabretooth obtains asylum inside the Mansion X. In turn, Revanche dies as a result of the Legacy Virus, revealing that she and Psylocke had exchanged bodies by Spiral intervention.

Cyclops and Jean Gray finally get married. On their honeymoon both are taken to the future by Rachel Summers, who reveals to be part of the Askani, the group of warriors that took Nathan to the future. In this future Apocalypse rules the world. It is revealed then that Cable is Nathan, and that Stryfe was only a clone that was robbed to the Askani by Apocalypse Cosplay UK
. Cyclops and Jean help Cable destroy Revelation and return to the present, physically unchanged, but mentally twenty years older.
Meanwhile, Emma Frost, who was the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, awakens from a long lethargy only to discover that her students, the Hellios, were killed. Emma Frost decides to redeem herself and to follow the path of good. She cedes the legal control of her Massachusetts Academy to Professor Xavier.

(The Phalanx Covenant) (The Uncanny X-Men # 316-317 / X-Men # 36-37 / X-Factor # 106 / X-Force # 38 / Excalibur # 82 / Wolverine # 85 / : In this saga it is narrated how after the death of Warlock during the saga Agenda of X-Staining, its remains are bought by several scientists to make experiments and arrive at the definitive solution to the mutant problem: they isolate a virus (the virus transmodal) Which is capable of absorbing and converting organic matter into computerized information; With this virus believe that they have reached a level of evolution capable of counteracting the mutants, without realizing that the beings infected with this technovirus really are an advanced one of a race of galactic conquerors: the Phalanx. The Phalanx kidnap almost every X-Men Airline Uniform Cosplay
. A special entourage of X-Men composed of Banshee, Jubilo, Sabretooth and Emma Frost rescue the next generation of young students of Xavier, prisoners of the Phalanx to experiment with them. In the end, the X-Men are rescued by Wolverine, Cable, Cyclops and Jean Gray, and the Phalanx are expelled from Earth.

One of the most important consequences of this saga was the creation of Generation X, the new youth group of the X Men and that becomes the training camp for future aspirants to X Men. This group will be in charge of Emma Frost and Banshee. Its original members were part of the young released from the Phalanx (Husk, Synch, Skin and M), as well as two new members: Chamber and Penance. Jubilo leaves the X-Men to join this new youth team.

Legion, Xavier's son, awakens after falling into a coma because of Shadow King in the Muir Island Saga. A mad Legion believes that the man responsible for the hatred of humans towards mutants and that Xavier's dream does not prosper is Magneto Alice in Wonderland Costumes
. Legion travels to the past using his vast powers in an attempt to stop Magneto before it spoils the dream of Xavier, but the Xavier of the past jumps to avoid the final attack of Legion on Magneto being Xavier that dies instead of Magneto , Creating a temporary paradox, since if Xavier dies Legion will not be born and if Legion is not born he will not be able to travel to the past to kill Xavier ...