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Legacy of Darkness has been published by Konami and developed by

Published: Thursday 16 February, 2017

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness has been published by Konami and developed by KCE Kobe video game for Nintendo 64 console Final Fantasy Type-0 Cosplay
. It belongs to the Castlevania titles.

The game is a prequel to the machinations thoroughly Konami's previous Nintendo 64 was manifested to the game, Castlevania 'game of 64, but it is mainly the upgrade Cosplay UK
. Legacy of Darkness fixes a lot of mistakes, of which 64 Castlevania suffered a lot, for example. camera problem, which is the correction of this game fell to the difficulty of the game considerably. Also, the game environment is slightly redesigned and enhanced character graphics. The game is true of many three-dimensional way Castlevanioiden been very little attention in the two-dimensional collecting significantly more support.

The game is set eight years before Castlevania 64's events. The story of the main character is a werewolf named Cornell, whose travel is towards the demonic Castlevania.

It all began when Cornell had gone a long journey in order to practice a werewolf's transformation. Although werewolves ancestors were once because of other security locked out of the werewolf side, Cornell had acted otherwise. The exercises were unsuccessful, so it was time to start the long journey home. But when Cornell had returned home, as was the attack on the village Final Fantasy Cosplay
. The houses were ablaze and killed the villagers.

The worst shock was that Cornell only relative, his sister Ada, was gone. Cornell was once heard you're talking about the one of the nearby loom dark castle belonging has always troubled Transylvania. When Cornell begins with good jäljittämistaidoillaan follow Adan blood traces, Cornell is fully persuaded that, what he could to find her sister.