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Juno and Jupiter reveal that their species was the original crea

Published: Monday 13 February, 2017

These beings, and particularly Minerva, speak directly to Desmond through Ezio, who realizes that it is but a mere conduit for Desmond. Ezio is also aware that the answers he seeks in his time will be revealed to Desmond in 2012. However, Minerva, Juno and Jupiter reveal that their species was the original creator of the human race, and that the Fruits of Eden were Created in their great majority to control and to enslave the humans thanks to their powers of suggestion and mental control. Nevertheless the humans ended up revealing against their creators, in a conflict originated by the theft of one of the Fruits of Eden, La Manzada del Eden, perpetrated by two humans who answered the name of Adam and Eve and did not see each other Affected by the effects of the Fruits of Eden Cosplay UK
. But something nearly annihilated both races in one fell swoop. In fact, it was a massive solar eruption (also known as the Toba Catastrophe or Event) which decimated humans and the First Civilization, and completely destroyed their culture and infrastructure. Minerva, Juno and Jupiter reveal that they failed to predict and respond to this cataclysm, having transferred possible solutions to a central chamber located in New York from other cameras scattered throughout the planet.

After the catastrophe, the few humans and members of Those Who Arrived Before that were agreed a truce and decided to work together to try to restore order and civilization. Unfortunately the members of First Civilization were less and less. And after being aware that their extinction was approaching, they decided to mate with the humans in order for their blood to survive.

The solution did not work and the race ended up being extinguished, whereas the different geologic eras naturally erased all trace of its passage by the Earth. In this way, humans were completely alone on earth as a dominant race. Be that as it may, this measure of interspecies mating resulted in the creation of a very special blood line, which gave rise to a group of hybrid subjects who had special abilities thanks to the mixture of human blood and Those Who Came Before Bayonetta Costumes
. Unsurprisingly, both Ezio and Altaïr are bearers of this line of blood (and Desmond also, since in his person the unification of Ezio and Altaïr is represented). And as hybrids, both Ezio and Altaïr have access to a sixth sense that in the game is represented as the well-known Vista de Águila.

The story revolves around the conflict between two "factions" who fought each other for hundreds of years, but the story of the game begins in the twelfth century crusades.

On the one hand are the Templars, who are apparently one of the many orders that fight alongside the Christians in the Crusade, but their objective is to get the so-called Fruit of Eden, an ancient artifact with which they intend to seize the minds of all The people and obtain a civilized society, that lives in peace, but without wills. His teacher was Robert de Sable, before he was assassinated.

Opposing them are the Assassins or Assassins, whose original aim was to keep the peace in the world, killing the men with power that prevented it. During the first game, his main base was established in the fortress of Masyaf and his Grand Master was a wise old man called Al-Mualim. This group initially worked to make political assassinations calculated to maintain peace in the region in a discreet way, or with a great public spectacle (when the message had to be massive). For them, keeping the peace meant making some "sacrifices", but they were governed under three strict laws:

Remove your blade from the flesh of the innocent: A Murderer is totally forbidden to kill innocent people for simple amusement BioShock Infinite Cosplay
, he can only kill who is guilty but always as a last resort.

Camouflage among the people and confuse yourself with the crowd: You must never face the enemy face to face, you must be stealth and not be seen by anyone.

Never commit to the Brotherhood: None of your actions should have direct or indirect consequences to the Brotherhood.