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Published: Friday 07 October, 2016

  • The second-year students in the middle of the field Amano snow habits away from everyone, to a bystander's point of view of things seen as diary records in their mobile phones. One day, the god of time and space Deus put the future diary into his cell phone, the diary is recorded in his next 90 days, including the test content, the danger encountered. This "diary" represents the future of the holder, once destroyed, the holder will disappear together with the diary. Deus selected the diaries of the next 12 diploma holders, they will be between a life and death game, and the last survivors will be Deus's successor, dominate the time and space of the "seat of God." Why do diary holders want to take part in this adventure? In order to become God? In order to guard? Amano snowfield end will be how? Survival war imminent!