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Fainaru Fantajī Ten is a computer game designed and developed by

Published: Thursday 16 February, 2017

Final Fantasy X, Fainaru Fantajī Ten) is a computer game designed and developed by Square. It is the tenth part of the Final Fantasy series and the first game of the series, which has been released for the PlayStation 2 console. Final Fantasy X appeared in Japan in 2001 and sold around the world 8.05 million times. The game won both the PlayStation Grand Prix and Sony's double-platinum PlayStation Award in Japan in 2002 (awarded for 2 million to 3 million units sold in Japan between May 2001 and May 2002). Due to this success, Square announced to release a new edition of the game. This was released in Europe in March 2014 under the title Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster for PlayStation 3 and for PlayStation Vita and in May 2015 also for PlayStation 4.

Settled in the Fantasiewelt Spira, the game follows a group of adventurers on their journey to defeat a creature called Sin Cosplay UK
. The game is a turning point in the Final Fantasy series, since for the first time in the history of the series, no predecessed backgrounds were used, but complete three-dimensional areas were created. Even if the predecessors' background has not entirely disappeared, they are restricted to less interesting areas, such as the interior of buildings League of Legends Cosplay
. For the first time, a wide range of realistic facial expressions were used to illustrate further technical developments of the graphical effects, for example the deviation of light and shadow between different parts of the clothing of a character. Final Fantasy X is the first game in the series, which was set up with speakers and a direct continuation (Final Fantasy X-2).

Final Fantasy X brought further important advances for the Final Fantasy series. Thus, the scenes were played according to the spoken dialogues, while previous games of the series still had scrollable subtitles. Further changes were made to the design of the game world, which this time focuses on realism. In addition to the game principles old familiar elements were discarded and new ones were introduced.

General: As in earlier games of the series, Final Fantasy X is played in a third-person perspective. The player mainly controls the character Tidus and thus interacts with objects and persons. In contrast to previous games of the series the world and city maps were completely integrated and the areas outside of cities were converted to the characters according to the scale to scale Kingdom Hearts Cosplay
. To fight a battle, character and opponent are placed in a round-based "battlearena".

As with previous Final Fantasy titles, the player can develop and improve his characters by defeating opponents and collecting items. Instead of the traditional experience point system, a system called Sphärobrett was introduced.

The game should initially have online elements, but these were dropped during the production phase, and multiplayer online elements entered the Final Fantasy series with Final Fantasy XI.