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Ezio Auditore already in advanced age but with much more wisdom

Published: Monday 13 February, 2017

Ezio Auditore, already in advanced age but with much more wisdom and masters, part of Rome in a trip to the origin of the order of the Assassins (Masyaf) and its predecessor, Altaïr, to find the secrets that this left hidden. These secrets are hidden in a closed library with 5 keys, of which the Templars own one. It will be Ezio's duty to get the other 4 keys that are hidden in Constantinople, where he will meet Yusuf, chief of the murderers of this city and who will be of great help to move through Constantinople and to know the tricks of the assassins of that zone and to be able to accede To the secrets of Altaïr's library. To do this, you must meet Sophia Sartor who will help you with books to find the location of the keys, while facing a powerful army of Byzantine Templars that is settled in the city, which will by all means try to stop the intrusion of Ezio Auditore and overthrow the Ottoman Empire.

The story takes place in the American War of Independence, circa 1750. The war between Assassins and Templars has been embroiled in the American War of Independence. A young mestizo named Ratonhnhaké: ton (Connor Kenway, son of the Templar Haytham Kenway, grandson of pirate captain and murderer Edward Kenway) is drawn into the struggle against tyranny when his people are attacked by settlers. Throughout the history of the game, Connor will meet with historical figures such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Lee, Israel Putnam, Paul Revere, Marquis de La Fayette, John Pitcairn, Wilman Villena, Samuel Adams, etc. . In this game Desmond dies after paying attention to a woman of the first civilizations; Juno, who tells him he must die to save Earth from the solar storm Devil King Sanguko Basara II Cosplay
. Minerva, another woman of the first civilization, tried to stop Desmond by telling him that dying would save Earth but would release Juno, who would then try to dominate the Earth, but Desmond, does not listen to it, saves Earth but dies and releases Juno .

Samples taken from Desmond Miles's body after his death have allowed Abstergo Industries to continue to explore their genetic memories using the Animus and newly discovered cloud computing skills. The anonymous character who controls the player is hired by Abstergo's entertainment division to sift through the memories of Edward Kenway, an 18th-century pirate, and Connor Kenway's grandfather.

Apparently, it is about gathering material for the motorization of an interactive film of the Animus, but in reality, Abstergo and the Templars are looking for the Observatory, a precursor structure that allows the user to see through the eyes of a subject Cosplay UK
. Like Kenway, the player must unravel a conspiracy among the high-ranking Templars to manipulate the British, Spanish and French empires to the location of The Wise - later identified as Bartholomew Roberts - who is the only man who can take them to the Observatory.

Currently, the player is in contact with John, Abstergo Entertainment's Information Technology Manager. John convinces the player that his boss is lying to him, and encourages him to investigate in more detail Dead or Alive Cosplay
. He takes care of the player to access the database of the Animus, at which point Juno materializes in a disembodied form. She reveals that even though it was necessary to open the Temple to avoid disaster, the world was not ready for her, and she can not affect or possess the player properly. John is unmasked as the reincarnated form of The Wise and tries to assassinate the player to cover the failed attempt to resuscitate Juno, but is eliminated by the safety of Abstergo before he succeeds.