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Dungeon Fighter story background

Published: Thursday 27 October, 2016

    • Before Arad's civilization shines, the world is an infinite cosmos, bred with various forms of life Dungeon Fighter Accessories. These lives scattered in a variety of empty outsiders and underground castle, with their diligence and wisdom, to create the prosperity of the world.

    • Survival in the perfect continent Arad human and elf, also belong to one of the various forms of life. They use the gods to give wisdom, created by many outsider life envy of Allard civilization. According to legend, connecting the mainland and other empty sky Arad city, is the day for the family and Mozu Arad mainland to facilitate the construction.

    • In all kinds of empty borders, there is a kind of "water of life" object, can make the winner has unlimited life. The emergence of water of life, caused by the dissension of life. Mozu apostles "burst the Dragon King" Bakar to snatch the water of life Cosplay Prop, led his men and the dragon to Herder as the center of the Mozu apostles have started known as the "Dragon War" Mozu war.